Thursday, August 25, 2011


Mo·ti·va·tion: 1. Desire to do; interest or drive                       
                       2. The state of being motivated.

Motivation is the key to all success it is as it says above the DESIRE to do, "Our motives and thoughts ultimately influence our actions." Without motivation how far would we get? How successful would we be in life? Would we want to remain diligent? Or would we no longer feel the need or the urgency to go on? Without motivation we would get complacent, we would plateau in whatever we are doing.

The question I ask is how do you motivate someone or some group of people? Motivation can come from love and can also come from fear. It can also come from the ultimate desire that we have that turns into our actions. But for those who are ultimately missing that desire to act or to do, how is it we are to spark that desire? I ask this in hope's of being able to more effectively motivate others. This post is more of a disscussion, rather than being a blog post of me posting something in hopes of others learning.

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