Friday, December 31, 2010

Being Online!

Hey Everyone,
My name is Elder Hughes... But before I go into talking about who I am and why I'm here I want everyone to know that this is the first blog that I have ever done. So to everyone that has been blogging forever... Don't judge me too hard. But let me know of things that I can improve on and ways that I can make my blog better. Thanks.

So like I said my name is Elder Hughes, I have been called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and also to be an online missionary. It's interesting that missionaries are now allowed to be on Facebook and blogs and these types of things because the we haven't been able to before. But the church has decided to run a pilot program of allowing missionaries to be online sharing the gospel.

I think that being an online missionary is a humbling experience, because when you are home you use Facebook and its no big deal because Facebook is Facebook.  But when you are a missionary its humbling because now you have to blog... and that is definentaly humbling because for someone like me... you dont know what you are doing. When I first heard about missionaries being allowed to be online, it was exciting! But at the same time it was kind of a scary thought because... it's the internet. But things seem to be working really well, im excited to be here. It makes it tons easier to stay in contact with those that we are teaching, to keep us up to date and more so be able to share the gospel online. I look forward to being able to now post videos, links, blogs, pictures, and so many other things here on my blog.