Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Natural Beauties of the Earth

We look around us everyday and behold marvelous things that have been placed on Earth. Since spring time is coming we are now beginning to behold the beautiful flowers blooming, fields turning from brown to green right before our eyes, if you are in Montana you are watching feilds be plowed and planted, or baby calves running around their mothers in the field. Or if your a pilot in California you now get to watch from the sky people beginning to come back to the beach, you see the gorgeous mountainous terrain become greener than ever just off the coast, the cliffs with the water beating them at the bottom.

With this being said, is it possible that we could claim there is no God? How is it that anything but God could make such marvelous things? To me when I see the wonderful things of this world I think to myself how loving a Father in Heaven we have, no matter what "Natural Beauties" we look at they all testify of a loving Heavenly Father.

In the scriptures it speaks of God creating all things Lehi says this;

"And now, my sons, I speak unto you these things for your profit and learning; for there is a God, and he hath created all things, both the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are, both things to act and things to be acted upon." (2 Nephi 2:14)

During this wonderful spring season, as we begin to experience the many blessing and many beauties of this world. I encourage all of you to soak in this beauty. To go out and experience the beauty of this world for yourself, and know that there is a Father in Heaven who knows you personally! Who wants you to be happy! And who is waiting to hear from you. As we strive to live the gospel, Heavenly Father will bless us, he will help us. And most of all, he loves us!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

He is Risen: Easter Affirmation

The Christmas Season is one of my favorites, because everyone is happy and loving. People care for one another, and most importantly many people think more about Christ. This season we are approaching is not the Christmas season, but it is Easter. At Easter time, it is not only a time to look at the pretty eggs left by the Easter Bunny or to find our candy hiding behind the books on the shelf, rather it is a time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a scripture in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ that I have grown very fond of because it talks about what the Lord went through or at the time will go through it says:

" And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.
  And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities." (Alma 7:11-12)

To finish His Atonement King Benjamin says this:

"And he shall rise the third day from the dead; and behold, he standeth to judge the world; and behold, all these things are done that a righteous judgment might come upon the children of men." (Mosiah 3:10)

This is the reason we celebrate Easter, we are celebrating the things the Lord has done for us, we celebrate not his death but His Resurrection, the Lord is not dead but HE LIVES! This is my testimony to all who men and women everywhere.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Hark, all ye nations"

In this recent General Conference the Mormon Tabernacle choir sang a song that struck me much more than it ever has before. The title of the Hymn is "Hark, all ye nations!" as you read the lyrics below please think of what these words mean to you:

"Hark, all ye nations!
Hear heaven’s voice
Thru ev’ry land that all may rejoice!
Angels of glory shout the refrain:
Truth is restored again!

Oh, how glorious from the throne above
Shines the gospel light of truth and love!
Bright as the sun, this heavenly ray
Lights ev’ry land today."

 Truth has definitely been restored to this earth, our Heavenly Father has given us a living prophet and apostles to lead and guide this church with Jesus Christ at the head. This song is fulfilled as we watch General Conference, we hear the words that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would have us hear. These words are not just limited to Utah or Montana or the United States, these words have been heard all over the world, along with hearing the words of the Lord from the prophet, there are also missionaries going out and about working diligently to spread this gospel so that all may hear and feel the happiness we feel. I pray that you may feel the spirit as strongly as I have while listening and reading these words.